Welcome to NickBlohm.com, the personal professional portfolio website of Nick Blohm.

Hello and welcome to my website!  As time goes on and as my work progresses, this website will serve as a portal into my line of work.  Although I'm unable to post everything I've produced over time (that's a lot of material), I am pleased to preview some of my most recent work right here for you all to see!


Let me take a moment before you continue to thank you for stopping by to learn more about me and the work that I produce.  Whether you're here by chance or looking for someone with my particular set of skills, I sincerely hope you enjoy the samples of work you will find located throughout this website.


My contact info can be found on my resumé (which you can download by clicking the button below).

Experience using Adobe After Effects
Experience using Adobe Illustrator
Experience using Avid Media Composer
Experience using Adobe Premiere Pro
Experience using Adobe Photoshop
Experience in Adobe Edge Animate
Experience using Adobe Audition
Experience using Adobe Dreamweaver
Experience using Sorenson Squeeze
Experience using Blender
Experience using Adobe InDesign
Experience using Adobe Muse.  This entire website was created and launched using Adobe Muse.
Experience using and building custom websites and templates using Joomla!

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